Old, rugged junk cars lying in your backyard? And does it seem like putting them on resale would be a heavy task? You need not worry because there are companies which provide cars for cash. As the name suggests, this organisation buys all types of cars, broken, dented or junked and pays you a price that brings a smile across your face and satisfaction within your heart.

They have outstanding facilities that make selling of your old, unwanted vehicle a child’s play. Have a car that is rotting up in your garage but consumes most of your money in repairing? The best solution at such times is selling your car in exchange of some money. And you do this without spending a penny!


What only seemed difficult is now simplified by door step service of car removal for cash Melbourne by All Cars for Cash The procedure to sell your old junkie goes simple. You give a call to companies that provide car removal Melbourne. They reach at your place within 24 hours. A great deal commences then. You get money for the piece of metal you thought you wouldn’t get rid of!


Cars for cash facility seems to favour its customers from everywhere. As mentioned earlier, you need not spend a penny but earn a tiny chunk. They are at your service with free towing facility that picks up your vehicle. As soon as the car is towed, you are provided with the cash that your junkie owes you. Hence, they provide you instant cash in exchange of your car, that is, they are spontaneous.


Such companies cover the entire region of Melbourne. They also reach out to its suburbs and so are basically widespread with their services in Melbourne. Places they cover are inclusive of Docklands, Royal Park, Parkville, West Melbourne, East Melbourne, North Melbourne and its surrounding regions.


The prices that they offer are reasonable and leaves no room for complaints. Car for cash pays you for your vehicle on the basis of its age, its model as well as its condition. Undoubtedly, your car goes for sale! They surely offer you with quotations you wouldn’t want to miss!

Afterall, who would want to miss a deal as such!


This is a relatively new concept widely spread in Melbourne. While you take the stress of selling your old friend, creating an ad, convincing people, companies come to aid you. All their services are free always looking towards benefiting its fellow customers. From their punctuality to their pick up facility, their ultimate goal is to look forward in helping its customers.


Not only do they provide you with cash in exchange of your car, they also give cash for trucks, vans, 4WD’s, etc. The process that comes after this is the detoxification of vehicle pumps. The removal of its spare parts, tyres, engines and others. The metal of your vehicle that goes as scrap for recycling.

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