Dealing With A Panel Beater

Panel beaters are a rare breed. Remember they are experts in their field and will over time, grow a confidence side about them. So when it comes to dealing and negotiating with a panel beater, you should be preparing yourself to deal with someone that is full of knowledge, confident and tough. So how do you go about dealing with them? How do you manage to work with them on getting the repairs you need?

Well, before you jump online and look for a panel beating in Melbourne, prepare yourself by remembering these three questions – so you are ready to handle the panel beater. These questions will give you all the answers you need when it comes to dealing and working alongside a panel beater.

If you want to save yourself the drama and go for an honest panel beater, we suggest speaking to the likes of Collision Body Works. We use them and they are the best!

Question 1: Do They Work On Your Model? 

Firstly, some panel beaters only work on certain types of car brands and models. Some are experts in European models, while others focus on Australian designs and Asian car brands. You have to make sure that the panel beater you hire is going to be able to repair your car. You can get lucky and get someone like Collision Body Works – the Altona North panel beating services providers that people love – who can manage it all for you. Ask your beater before if they can repair your damaged car.

Question 2: Ask What Is Getting Repaired

When an accident happens, you see all the crumbled mess in front of you, but you might not actually know what needs to be repaired or replaced. Cars and vehicles are all connected by puzzle pieces, and they work in tandem. Removing one piece will affect the other. So before your panel beater gets to work, ask them what is getting repaired and most importantly – why it is getting repaired. You need to know the “why” before the “what” happens.

Question 3: Is There A Cheaper Option? 

With panel beaters, there is always a cheaper option. It just depends if you want it and if the panel beater can provide it to you. That is the best thing about panel beaters; they can give you options for it. But can you stomach your car having a different shade or colour? Does looking different bother you? If not, then you can ask about the cheaper option.

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